Wind Blend Kite Resort

Wind Blend Kite Resort is a calm, serene and authentic resort nestled in the green & un-touched village of Kappalady. Palm trees and colourful flowers surround the uniquely designed cabanas in the resort. The resort is about 100 Mts walk from one of the best kiteboarding lagoons in Kalpitiya and from the Indian Ocean for those who want to enjoy some water sports, swimming or sunbathing by the sea. The resort offers private cabanas for couples as well as families, a common lounge and restaurant, all managed by friendly and English speaking local team. The on-property restaurant offers guests tasty and healthy local meals prepared with local spices and fresh produce from the resorts very own gardens.

Wind Blend is a small resort, only 6 rooms (4 individual cabanas and 1 family bungalow with 2 bedrooms and a mezzanine as an additional bedroom for children), but it offers the comfort and amenities that guests expect during their stay. Guests can also choose from a various activities ranging from village tour, dolphin watching, snorkelling, game drive and ancient city tour based on seasonality.

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Wind Blend Kite Resort

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Local Team Presentation

Wind Blend Kite Resort is owned and run locally by Sudath De Silva and we (Yamini & Sebastien) have special ties to Wind Blend as we invested in this property and are partners with Sudath. We fell in love with Kappalady village and its lagoon, and wanted to make a difference there by helping Sudath start his own business. It was also the best way for us to test the MuBu concept and better understand how we can help a small authentic and locally owned resort to grow. You will most likely won’t meet us at the property but you may be in contact with us via some of our social media channels.

The owner

My name is Sudath, passionate cricketer and the proud owner of Wind Blend Kites Resort. Having worked in several resorts around the world and in Sri Lanka, my dream was to open my own resort in my home country that I could leave behind for my daughters. The resort I envisioned was one that combines the traditional Sri Lankan architecture and experience with modern landscaping and amenities. Natural and simple but with an eye to aesthetics is my style. My dream has now come true and I look forward to welcoming you with my team at Wind Blend Kite Resort.

The Wind Blend team

The Wind Blend Kite Resort team: Charith, Sifran, Sudath, Dilip, Vima and Rishad. They represent the diversity of Sri Lankan culture, coming from different parts of the island but also from the Kappalady village. You will also meet other members of the local team looking after the garden and also helping out when it gets busy.

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